Adsense Tips Lesson 1

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For those of you who have decided you want to make some money with their blogs and websites, you might have applied for Google's Adsense program, which pays you for each time someone clicks your ads. Well, ever wonder how some people make big bucks off of ads? That's what I'm going to answer with these tips on optimizing Adsense.

First off, you have to know some basics about Adsense. Google pays more for some key words than for others, for example, ads about blogs may get $.50 per click while ads on Anti-Spyware may get $2.00 per post (Keep in mind I made those up). There are some companies which list how much Google pays per ad, but you have to pay for most of them. So, this means that blogs revolving around one thing (Such as computers) may have ads that pay higher than blogs on your personal life.

Also, Google never discloses how much money they make per click (Google probably makes a bit more than you). Google also will not accept Adsense application forms to put ads on sites with excessive profanity, pornography, illicit drugs etc. Sites that are accepted into the Adsense program are required to be easily navigable, have an adequate quantity of text based content and be they must be written in English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, or Spanish.

Now, I'll start the first lesson.

Three things are required if you plan on making money with Adsense: Traffic, Positioning, and Relevancy.

This lesson will focus on Traffic.

Make an attractive blog, remember you want to make a first impression to have your blog stand out. Have a nice, simple layout with quality posts on something relevant to you blog or site.

Publish your site feed and sign up with some kind kind of program that publishes your feed, such as Feed Burner.

Join a web ring, I haven't signed up with one but thousands of others have.

Add your blog to blog lists such as: BlogWise, BlogStreet, Daypop, Blog Hop, and Technorati.

Add your blog to search engines
such as: Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Update frequently, this can't be stressed enough! Keep posting everyday.

Add you blog to your signature in web forums and your email.

Turn on the ‘Email a Friend’ option to your posts.

Starting a newsletter
can help you gain traffic and will create some regular users.

Link to other blogs
(affiliates), this will put your blog on many other sites.

Sign up with BlogExplosion, this cool site makes you search other blogs. For every blog you visit, you gain .5 credits. For every credit you earn, you are guaranteed to one visit to your own blog.

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