Microsoft Windows Vista Launches this Year!

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From The Official Microsoft Connections Blog:

Posted By: Greg Randall(
Date: March 13, 2006

This is the year… the year that Microsoft releases the newest version of Windows. We are targeting to make Windows Vista generally available in the second half of this year, and the exact delivery date will ultimately be determined by the quality of the product.. So what is so compelling that our customers would want to spend money upgrading to the Vista operating system? Let’s take a quick look at all that Vista offers a small business.

First, Vista is very easy to navigate and use.
When you start using Windows Vista, you will recognize familiar elements such as the Start menu, which is now faster, more streamlined, and more helpful than in previous versions of Windows. The Start menu features integrated desktop search through a new feature called Quick Search which can help you find and launch almost anything on your PC. Just type in a word, a name, or a phrase, and Quick Search can find the right file for you. But more than that, the new start menu makes it very easy for you to navigate across all of the installed applications on your PC. Eliminating the slow performing, cascading "All Programs" view, the new start menu can help you get something started more quickly than ever.

Microsoft Vista's Start Menu

Second, Vista offers new powerful but yet very easy to use Explorers.
Explorers give you more information and control while simplifying how you work with your files. The experience is easy and consistent, whether you're browsing photos or documents or even using the new control panel.

Vista's New Document Explorer

Third, Vista offers a new search tool called “Quick Search”.
Quick search will help you find your data, email messages and even visited websites. The navigation pane offers quick and easy access to your data. Command Bars display only the tasks that are most appropriate for the files being displayed. With new Live Icons (scalable thumbnails) used throughout Windows Vista, you can see the first page of documents, the actual image of a photo, or the album art for individual songs in your music collection, making it easier to find exactly what you are looking for.

Fourth, the new operating system offers “Windows Aero”
Windows Vista is the first Windows operating system that has a user experience that can gracefully scale to the hardware capabilities of the computer it is installed on. All computers that meet minimal hardware requirements will see the Windows Vista Basic user experience, which provides the benefits of the refined interface features already mentioned. Windows Aero is an environment with an additional level of visual sophistication, one that is even more responsive and manageable, providing a further level of clarity and confidence to Windows users.

Fifth, Vista offers live taskbars and thumbnails for your taskbar.
Resting the mouse pointer over a taskbar item displays a live thumbnail of the window, showing the content of that window. The live thumbnail is displayed whether the window is minimized or not, and whether the content of the window is a document, photo, or even a running video or process. The advantage is that you can view your work with an easily identifiable thumbnail.

Vista Taskbar with Thumbnails

The Sixth reason you might want to upgrade to Windows Vista is Windows Flip and Windows Flip 3D.
Windows Vista provides two entirely new features to manage windows: Windows Flip and Windows Flip 3D. Flip allows you to flip through open windows (by using Alt+Tab), providing a live thumbnail of each window, rather than just a generic icon and file name. Live thumbnails make it easier to quickly identify the window you want, particularly when multiple windows of the same kind are open. With Flip 3D, you can use the scroll wheel on your mouse to flip through open windows in a stack, and quickly locate and select the one you want to work with.
Use Flip 3D to navigate through open windows using the scroll wheel on your mouse.

As you can see, Vista offers the best user interface of any operating system available today. The new user interface will make finding your data easier and also allow you to work faster with important new features like Quick Search and Windows Flip3d.

If you haven’t been sold on Vista quite yet…continue to watch this blog site for more information on the new Operating System from Microsoft called Vista!
(Information for this article was taken from the official Vista website at

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